NCCT limited was established in 2005 by a Director with over 25 years experience & expertise working within the Railway infrastructure.

NCCT was specifically designed to serve the Railway industry, as a premier Infrastructure Support Services Company.

Our company structure enables us to be flexible, reliable, safety conscious, honest and yet still remain competitive, whilst always maintaining the highest level of quality and performance expected. NCCT Limited only employs highly skilled and trained personnel within their relevant field, so as to ensure that all workmanship is of the highest standard and fulfils the needs of assurances required.

All NCCT Limited Senior Management, Project Support Teams and Operations Staff have been fully trained to work for Railway Networks across the UK and our training programme is continuously monitored and updated to meet the specifications and needs required by our customers and service users.

With flexible 24hour working times and a positive attitude towards customer needs, NCCT limited can offer a short mobilisation period with professional and quality Project Support Services. NCCT Limited are continuously redefining excellence, so as to be your: “COLLABORATIVE DELIVERY SOLUTION”

ncct team